A favorite Alpharetta restaurant: Pure Taqueira

You can try not to eat the chips, salsa and guacomole but who can resist?! The fajitas are amazing, the fish tacos are so flaky they fall apart, and the pork melts in your mouth…they just have great food and are very reasonably priced.

Pure Taqueira is definitely not a secret…every location is always busy and you can expect a line at the door and standing room only.

So don’t come here for the romance or a quiet place to talk. This is where you go to celebrate and have outstanding margaritas and gourmet mexican food in a casual setting.

There are many locations of Pure Taqueira, including one in Alpharetta (map).

Check them out at www.puretaqueria.com.

Pure Taqueria on Urbanspoon


  1. Pure Taqueria is awful – so bland…

    Trendy, but the food is awful.

    • I have heard other people say that too….I’ll have to go there again and give it another try. I’ve also heard that the matter of spice and blandness is a reaction in an individual’s body, like an allergy. You must have a very developed palette, or low allergic reactivity! :)


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