Restaurant Review: Pampas Steakhouse in Alpharetta

Pampas Steakhouse AlpharettaPampas Steakhouse is an Argentinean steakhouse in the Johns Creek area and it is one of our favorite date night places in the area.

The restaurant decor is tastefully done, the service is excellent and the steaks…well they melt in your mouth.

They offer tapas as well but we never seem to try the tapas as we are always drawn to the steaks.

The wait staff actually allows you to pick your cut of meat (they bring the choices to your table) and then cook it to perfection. This is probably not the place for a vegetarian, although they do have some excellent seafood options. All of the sauces including their chimichurri sauce are just an added bonus to try with your entre.

Pampas Steakhouse is a wonderful restaurant for a special night out….go on, make a reservation and surprise someone! :)

Pampas Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

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