Georgia 400 Toll Booths To Come Down

How long of have you lived in Atlanta? Some of you may remember a time when GA 400 stopped at I-285. That particular portion of the

toll booth

Tolls will no longer be collected at the GA 400 toll booth as of November 21, 2013. Photo from Creative Loafing 2010.

road, which would seem impossible to live without in our current day-to-day lives wasn’t around when the road opened in the early 70’s. With that portion also came the toll booths. It has been over 20 years since everyone traveling from Buckhead to North Fulton started paying a toll. Most would say the toll  road has been a huge asset to our communities, even if they have been in rush hour traffic on GA 400.

History is going to be made on November 21 of this year when you will no longer pay a toll to travel on GA 400. It has been decided that the changes will take place prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, in order to ease some of the traffic woes during the winter holiday season.

All of this will result in some new traffic plans according to the Peach Pass newsletter, “preliminary plans call for all GA 400 traffic to shift into three general purpose lanes where motorists currently use the electronic tolling lanes.”

Construction will begin in October for the traffic shift, but the full demolition of the booths will run January 2014 through May 2014. Once the structure is down, traffic will shift back over.

This is great news and who knows maybe rush hour will move a little quicker!

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