Are you looking for the right house, in the perfect community?  You want to make sure when considering a stucco home it is definitely a hardcoat stucco home, not an E.I.F.S. (synthetic) material that looks a lot like stucco.

Synthetic or E.I.F.S. became very popular in the 1980’s because it was less expensive than traditional hardcoat stucco. The difference in the two options are what they are made of and how they hold up over time.

Hardcoat is applied in two or three coats either over a base of masonry or concrete or to a metal lath attached to the frame, masonry or concrete. Synthetic stucco systems are typically two coats of material over foam insulation board.

Traditional Hardcoat stucco is more resistant to moisture and physical damage such as hail and dings. It also lasts decades needing little if any maintenance. It is fire-resistant and is resistant to fungus rot and insects.

While initially synthetic stucco may seem like a smart choice financially, in the long run it often costs the homeowner more money. Due to the inability of the synthetic stucco to weep, moisture can get trapped causing mold, rot and decay. Termite damage can also be a problem due to the moisture because damage may be advanced before it is discovered due the way the synthetic stucco is installed.

It can be difficult to tell at first glance if a home is made of synthetic or traditional stucco. A common test is a tap test. Synthetic gives more and sounds hollow where as traditional is more solid. A professional home inspector can help determine the difference.

The Cueny Team currently has a beautiful hardcoat stucco home in sought after Johns Creek community Seven Oaks. 915 Magnolia Blossom Court is a five bedroom, five and a half bath home in a cul-de-sac with flat backyard, updated kitchen, guest room and full bathroom on the main level with an additional half bathroom and finished terrace level.  Upstairs are spacious bedrooms, bathrooms and great closet space.  This is a great example of a hardcoat stucco home that has been well maintained and updated in a neighborhood with amenities, a pond, and lots of activities such as swim team, neighborhood events, soccer fields and more. Check out this video and see just how spectacular it is.