design ideas

It’s Friday! Who else is excited about the weekend? One thing I’ve noticed in conversations lately is that spring not only ushers in spring cleaning, but it also seems to give people the urge to redecorate. Weekends are the perfect time to do some updates around the house! Whether you want to paint a room, move some furniture, change out curtains or try your hand at building something, design blogs can be a great place for ideas.

The internet gives us access to so many great businesses and bloggers. Being able to find out what an interior designer would think is truly at your fingertips! If you are on a budget there are blogs dedicated just to budget decorating and if the sky is the limit there is that too!

Today, we are sharing a few of our favorites for you to enjoy. It was hard to choose just a few there are so many we love.

 Have a great weekend!
The Cueny Team