agriscienceHigh School is no longer just the basics of Math, Science, English, Social Studies, etc. High Schools offer a wide range of subjects and specialty programs to develop interests and even provide them with advanced job skills upon completion of the program.

In January, Cambridge High School in Milton opened the first agriscience and veterinary building on a high school campus in the U.S. The 7,000 square foot building contains  classrooms, an animal sciences laboratory, a barn and demonstration areas. Students will be able to not only learn about crops and animals in a classroom setting, but will also have opportunities to put those lessons into action. They may care for gardens, small animals and eventually larger animals such as horses.

The first year of the program will consist of basic agriculture science courses. After the first year course in animal science technology, biotechnology and veterinary science. Students that complete the full program of veterinary science have the credentials needed to achieve a veterinary assistant certification.

During the program’s first year, students will attend courses on basic agriculture science. The program will expand to include animal science technology and biotechnology and veterinary science courses. Students completing the veterinary science pathway will have the credentials needed for a veterinary assistant certification.

What an exciting opportunity for students in an area that is very active in the equestrian community!